24 Hour Rental				  Super Channel				  George Mihalka
Pure Pwnage                 		  Showcase                                Various
Lingerie                    		  HBO                                     Various
Family Biz                  		  YTV/France 2                            Various
The Wilkinsons              		  CMT                                     Various
11 Cameras                  		  CBC/Shaftesbury                         Various
Degrassi                    		  CTV/Epitome                             Various
Reprezentin’                		  APTN/Big Soul                           Various
The Famous Jett Jackson     		  Disney/CBC/Global Alliance              Various
Real Kids, Real Adventures  		  Discovery Kids/Fireworks Ent.           Various


Cold Spring				  Lifetime/TMN/Movie Central		  Sheldon Wilson
Baby's First Christmas		  	  Hallmark/CTV			          Jonathan Wright
Christmas Spirit                          Starz/CTV/Hallmark     		  John Bradshaw
Mistletoe Over Manhattan                  CTV/Hallmark 				  John Bradshaw
Séance (Consulting Editor)                Anchor Bay/Berkshire Axis               Alex Wright
House Of The Rising Sun                   Lionsgate/Bershire Axis                 Brian A. Miller
The Santa Suit                            Hallmark				  Robert Vaughn
Red: Werewolf Hunter                      SyFy/Sony                               Sheldon Wilson
The Blood Of Pegasus                      SyFy/Sony   		                  John Bradshaw
The Last Jinn                             SyFy/Sony			          Mario Azzopardi
Witchslayer                               SyFy/Sony				  Mario Azzopardi
Every Second Counts (Additional Editor)   Hallmark				  John Bradshaw
The Baby Formula                          WB/Grindstone/Free Spirit Films         Alison Reid
Wide Awake                                Lifetime			          Penelope Buitenhuis
Orgie                                     Independent                             Rona Wanington


The Waking                                                                        John Stead            
Succubus       		                  MGM/Free Spirit                         Alison Reid


To Cast A Choir                           VisionTV/Halifax Film                   Juanita Peters
Ed’s Up                                   OLN/Peace Point                         Various
Popcorn With Maple Syrup                  CBC                                     Peter Rowe
How Do They Do It                         Discovery Int./Wag TV                   Various

Awards and Nominations

2005 DGC Team Award for Outstanding Achievement In A Children’s Series
2004 DGC Team Award for Outstanding Achievement In A Children’s Series

The Famous Jett Jackson
2003 DGC Team Award for Outstanding Achievement In A Children’s Series

House Of The Rising Sun
2011 Action Film Fest Award for Excellence In Film & Video Feature
2012 Canadian Cinema Editors Nomination for Best Editing in a Feature Film

The Santa Suit
2011 DGC Team Award Nomination for Outstanding Achievement In A Television Movie/Mini-Serie

The Waking
2011 Canadian Cinema Editors Nomination for Best Editing
2011 DGC Team Award Nomination for Outstanding Achievement In A Short Film
2011 Best Short Film Buffalo Niagara Film Festival
2012 Winner Award of Excellence at Canada International Film Festival

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